Lebelo Capital
Lebelo Capital create long term wealth for all our stakeholders

Lebelo Capital is a black owned and controlled investment holding company established by Lindani Mthwa in 2015. Lebelo Capital focuses on investing, structuring, and raising capital in various sectors. Lebelo Capital adds value to its investments through its expertise in structuring and financing management buy-outs, leveraged buy-outs and strategic Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) transactions in partnership with the management teams and shareholders of the companies they invest in.

Lebelo Capital has at its core a business philosophy that seeks to play an active role in the companies in which it invests and to continually add value to its investment by leveraging all available networks and skills available to the Lebelo Capital team.

“Lebelo” is the Sesotho word for “speed”. We believe that in an ever-changing world, one needs efficiency and mobility to adapt to stay relevant in leading the charge. Energy leads to opportunity and at Lebelo Capital we are swift and efficient to evaluate opportunities in order to find and create value for both our business partners and ourselves.

Why Lebelo Capital is the right investment fit for you

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Black-owned and broad-based shareholding

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Operationally experienced management team

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Extensive deal analysis, structuring and valuation expertise

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Extensive debt and equity funding networks

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Track record in investing and investment management

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Strong governance and risk management processes

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Proven track record of social impact

Our business ethos is to always demonstrate full transparency amongst all our partners as we are guided by sound corporate governance and business ethics. We’re committed to building long-lasting partnerships that add-value to all parties and stakeholders. We have a deep desire to make a meaningful social impact on a broad base of beneficiaries.